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The Transformation

Discovering the Power of Sleep

Temi’s journey to becoming a sleep consultant was born out of necessity – the necessity to find peace, structure, and rest in the chaos of motherhood. Her encounter with a seasoned sleep expert, marked the beginning of a life-changing transformation. Learning about sleep training, initially a concept she approached with reservations, Temi discovered the profound impact of structured sleep routines not just for babies but for the entire family.

Temi has since practiced as a sleep consultant for almost 10 years, serving hundreds of families along the way. As a certified sleep consultant, her passion is to empower and educate about the benefits of good sleep for children and families everywhere.
Sleep is not just closing one's eyes; it is the cornerstone of a child’s development and a family’s happiness.

The Full Story


The Beginnings: A Mother’s Challenge

First Time Mum Sleeps began not in a boardroom, but in the heart of a young mother named Temi Randle. In her twenties, grappling with hyperemesis and feeling isolated as the only black mum in her groups, Temi faced the immense challenges of new motherhood. Struggling with undiagnosed ADHD, she found herself overwhelmed, disorganized, and perpetually exhausted.

Temi loved her son deeply, but the constant exhaustion took its toll, leading her to question her adequacy as a mother. It was during these trying times, often awake at 2 am, reaching out to her online community, that Temi realized she was not alone in her struggle. Her experiences, her vulnerabilities resonated with many, and thus, a community was born – a space for sharing, support, and understanding.


Empowering Families Through Restful Nights

At First Time Mum Sleeps, our mission extends beyond teaching babies to sleep through the night. We aim to empower parents – to turn their exhaustion into energy, their disorganization into structure, and their doubts into confidence. We believe every family deserves the transformative experience of restful sleep, and we’re committed to making it a reality.

Sleepy Baby
Happy Family

Our Approach

Gentle, Tailored, and Empathetic

Our methodology is a reflection of our founder’s journey – responsive, empathetic, and deeply personal. We understand that every baby, every parent, every family is unique. That’s why our sleep solutions are never one-size-fits-all; they are as individual as the families we serve.

  • Responsive Techniques: We adapt to each child's individual's needs for a nurturing, personalized approach to better sleep.

  • Science-Backed & Effective Strategies: Customized plans that fit your family's unique lifestyle and needs.

  • Empathetic Support: You can expect continuous guidance, support, and an understanding of the emotional journey of parenting.

Our Values

Community, Understanding, and Growth

  • Evidence-based methods: We blend the warmth of responsive sleep training with the credibility of science-backed methods, ensuring every child's unique needs are met with the best of care and expertise.

  • Understanding: We approach every consultation with empathy and respect for your family’s journey.

  • Growth: We are committed to helping families grow stronger together, with each restful night.

Family at a Beach
Woman in Bed

Join the First Time Mum Sleeps Family

Are you ready to transform your family’s nights, and in turn, your days? Let us guide you to a future where sleep is no longer a distant dream, but a beautiful reality. Book your FREE consultation with Temi today and take the first step towards restful nights and joyful days.

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